Valentyna Solowij
B App Sc (Physio), M App Sc Physio (Ortho)
Valentyna graduated from SAIT in 1981 and then the University of South Australia in 1991 with a Master of Applied Science Physiotherapy (Orthopaedics) and is experienced in treating spinal problems (neck and back), shoulders, recurring hamstring strains, TMD and headaches. She has worked overseas in London and had her own private practice for 18 years in Australia. In addition to working as a physiotherapist, Valentyna has performed for over 20 years with the State Opera chorus and treated numerous performers. During this time, she also taught singing to both adults and children. In May 2019, Valentyna completed a Foundations of Voice vocal physiotherapy course and is now able to treat muscle tension dysphonia (MTD). Symptoms include, among others, hoarseness, vocal tiredness, loss of voice, throat/neck pain and in singers, a loss of ease in the upper register and tongue root tension. Treatment can be undertaken in conjunction with speech pathology, if required. Once muscle tension has been released, Valentyna can address vocal efficiency, both in singing and speaking, by utilising the Estill technique to prevent a recurrence of symptoms. Member of the Australian Voice Association.