Day 1 of the US Masters

Thursday 9th April 2015

2015 US Masters Day 1

Completely different feel entering the course today. A lot more expectation and tension. Now the shots count it’s game time.

It was hard to know what to say to Antonio leaving the house today. He’s amazingly composed as is his caddie Gareth Jones, but you know they must be feeling nervous underneath the cool veneer.

I myself am incredibly nervous for Antonio, it’s not that I don’t trust his game,in fact following him around on the practice days, I have become very confident that he will perform well. But first time at The Masters the crowds, the TV audience, playing with Scott and Johnson. I don’t know how I would cope.

At the beginning of the day and being among the first to enter the course we placed our chairs on the first row behind the tee at 12. Perhaps in the top 5 seats in world sport.

We watch the first few groups tee off at 1 and then it’s Antonio’s turn. I feel a huge sense of relief, pride and amazement as his calmly hits a near perfect drive.

Without going through each hole blow by blow, Antonio hit the ball incredibly well all day. This course can be so cruel, A great shot into a green rolls an inch too far and it ends up rolling into a run off area and you make double bogey,

Antonio had a 78, placing him middle of the road for the amateurs and needing a good round tomorrow, which if he plays the same way he is capable of to make the cut.

Either way he’s been amazing and what an experience.

After Antonio had finished and we’d met up with him to congratulate him on playing well, we took our seats at 12 and had a couple of hours of golfing paradise watching the worlds best golfers take on possibly the worlds most famous holes.

We were so close I got hit by 3 divots and Garcia’s tee.

Midday tee off tomorrow.Hopefully the weather holds into the afternoon so that he can have a good chance of posting a low score.

No camera allowed on course during the tournament so apologies for lack of photos.