Keep Moving to Promote Healthy Joints!

healthy-jointsIt is a dangerous myth that exercise wears out our joints.

Exercise is essential not only to maintain healthy joints, but is also an effective part of managing joints that are already worn and painful.

The cartilage that lines our joints requires the stimulation of exercise and the extra blood flow that it brings to remain healthy.

Exercise also helps to promote muscle strength, manage weight and maintain bone density.

Physiotherapists are trained to educate and instruct on the correct exercise choice for you. A physiotherapy assessment before starting an exercise program can highlight injury risks, and a therapist can help custom design a program to assist you in starting a safe and beneficial exercise regime.

Unley Physiotherapy has a range of exercise options available for all ages, e.g. Pilates, Aquatic Exercise, Balance and Strengthening, Yoga and Walking Groups. We are continually adding to our exercise programs to help provide our patients with different options to improve and maintain their health, strength and mobility. See our latest classes.