Muscle-building exercise critical for osteoporosis prevention

Did you know that osteoporosis is one of the leading burdens on older Australians, the health care system and the national economy?Osteoporosis

Garvan researches, in collaboration with Vietnamese colleagues have shown that the impact of ‘lean mass’ is three times higher than the impact of ‘fat mass’ on bone mineral density.

The finding is very important for public health, physical activity, and muscle-building exercises are critical for obtaining muscle mass and therefore in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Evidence suggests that maximising our peak bone mass in childhood is a leading way of delaying and reducing the onset of osteoporosis. Optimum calcium intake, sufficient vitamin D level and weight bearing exercise are all ways of building healthy bones.

Running, skipping, jumping etc. are all great weight bearing exercises and a great way of helping to maximise childhood bone density and protect future generations from early onset osteoporosis.

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