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Whether your aim is to play with less pain, hit the ball further or improve your consistency, our Golf Specific Screening and Exercise program can help you achieve your goal.

We have worked with Golf Australia to develop a thorough screening process whereby we can highlight areas of stiffness, weakness or lack of control in your body that negatively affect your swing. We then devise a golf specific exercise program to improve you physically so that you can make the technical changes required to better your game.

We are happy to consult with your coach to get a better understanding of the technical changes that you are trying to make, so that we may get a clearer understanding of the physical changes that need to occur.

Due to the number of golfers through our clinic, we are also highly experienced at the assessment and treatment of golfing injuries.

We work closely with other leading professionals in the world of golf, so should you need referral to a golf biomechanist, sports conditioning trainer, sports psychologist or if you don’t presently have a coach, we can recommend and liaise with all of the above.

We work with all levels of golfers from Professionals and Elite Amateurs to weekend golfers and golfers new to the game.


Golf Physiotherapy Screening

Physiotherapy golf screenings and home exercise programs for all levels.

Get the physical tools to improve your game and decrease your injury risk.

  • Better Mobility.
  • Better Strength.
  • Better Postural Awareness and Control.

“I feel more mobile and in more control of my movement, best investment I’ve made in my game in years.”
Julie – 65, 23 Handicapper

“I have a better understanding of my posture and the role muscle recruitment and control have in my game.”
Lachlan – 17, +4 Handicapper (State Amateur Champion)

“We use Greg’s services for general screening of the body and general treatment plans. This process enables the golfer to improve movement and balance and in turn the coaching team to achieve much better/quicker improved results.”
Jamie, PGA Golf Professional

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Physiotherapist Golf Australia, Golf South Australia and Japan Golf Association