About Us

Unley Physiotherapy has a reputation for providing a wide range of physiotherapy and massage services that are timely, appropriate and effective.

Our aim at Unley Physiotherapy is to relieve your pain and get to the root of your problem by providing you with information, long-term management solutions and developing a treatment plan that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Unley Physiotherapists provide manipulative and non-manipulative physiotherapy with specialist interests in sports, neuroscience and pain management. We believe the diverse knowledge and expertise within our practice makes us unique.

Our referrals come from GPs, consultants and other health and sports professions.  But our main source of referrals has always been and continues to be from client recommendations.

We also offer a wide range of classes to assist you in your treatment. See our calendar for times and dates.

Have any questions about Unley Physiotherapy? Contact us today.