Real Time Ultrasound

Real-time ultrasound (RTUS) provides us with the unique ability to see the deep abdominal pelvic floor, and deep lumbar muscles known as the core stabilising muscles. These muscles are important in providing support to the spine. Back pain, poor posture, surgery or pregnancy can result in the loss of adequate control in these muscles.

RTUS uses soundwaves that are transmitted through the skin via conductive gel to create a visual image on a screen. This visual feedback is used to assess and retrain the stabilising muscles of the lower back. It is also helpful in addressing pelvic floor muscle dysfunction before and after pregnancy. Studies have shown that gender health issues such as incontinence and urgency are directly related to pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. Real time ultrasound imaging allows the physiotherapist to effectively retrain the pelvic floor without the need for an internal exam.

Spinal stability is also fundamental to the stability, strength, coordination and function of the limbs, therefore reducing wear on these joints and preventing recurrent muscle strain.

If required, real-time ultrasound will be part of your treatment if you are attending for physiotherapy and the cost of the scan is included in your treatment fee.

Please talk to your treating physiotherapist about whether it might help you.