Parkinson’s Disease is a neurological disorder which is manifested by tremor (trembling), stiffness, slowness of movement, changes in posture, difficulty with walking and other mobility.

At Unley Physiotherapy we offer a number of ways to help clients manage this condition from individual treatment sessions, four weekly one hour Parkinson’s Disease Management Exercise Classes, aquatic physiotherapy (both group and individual sessions) exercise physiology sessions and we have two certified LSVT BIG clinicians who can provide an intensive 4 week program specifically designed to treat clients with Parkinson’s Disease.

“LSVT BIG trains people with Parkinson disease (PD) to use their body more normally.  People living with PD or other neurological conditions often move differently, with gestures and actions that become smaller and slower. They may have trouble with getting around, getting dressed and with other activities of daily living. LSVT BIG effectively trains improved movements for any activity, whether ‘small motor’ tasks like buttoning a shirt or ‘large motor’ tasks like getting up from a sofa or chair or maintaining balance while walking. The treatment improves walking, self-care and other tasks by helping people ‘recalibrate’ how they perceive their movements with what others actually see. It also teaches them how and when to apply extra effort to produce bigger motions – more like the movements of everyone around them.” This extract is taken from The LSVT Global website – for more information about LSVT and the research behind this treatment program please visit

Our Parkinson’s Exercise class ‘PD Proud’ is based on exercises that are part of the LSVT BIG Programme. LSVT originally stood for ‘Lee Silverman Voice Therapy’, but is now using ‘BIG movements’. The BIG Programme has evolved from the LSVT Loud – voice therapy. LSVT BIG is now in over 50 countries and is a well-researched new approach to Parkinson’s disease.

LSVT BIG is an intensive, amplitude-based exercise programme for the limb motor system. It involves re-education of the sensory/motor system and helps to recalibrate the brain to create larger movements.

As we are great supporters of the community, we are proud to offer these classes at a low cost. All health funds suggested a higher rate than what we are offering. Health rebates may apply.

New members will require an assessment.  Class duration: 60 minutes

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